About Us

Elogic - Producer Of High-Quality Components To Infrastructure Solutions

Elogic is one of the leading Scandinavian manufacturers of high-quality enclosures for energy, communication and fibre. Our products are produced in a high quality using highly optimised production processes. Elogic' leading position as a Scandinavian supplier can be partly explained by our flexibility in colour and finish combined with the ability to offer our products in aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel.

Elogic offers a broad range of standard products and also offers customised solutions as a natural part of our business.

Best Practice

Almost all of Elogic' enclosures are developed in close cooperation with our customers. Our products are a result of an on-going dialogue with our customers. Our standard models promote "best practice" within their field.

Standard Is Something Special In Terms Of Value To Our Customers

Choosing a standard enclosure has many advantages, like: 

Proven practical design
Cost optimization
Quick delivery 

Enclosures For Distribution- And Control Systems

Our standard range contains indoor and outdoor enclosures to for instance: 

Fibre optic
Gas- and district heating installations
Control systems for traffic control
Security and monitoring
Pump control
Industrial automation systems
Other applications that require efficient and reliable protection of the operating systems and components

Our indoor and outdoor enclosures are available in many different sizes with various mounting systems, ventilation and locking systems.
Elogic also include a complete range of stainless steel enclosures.

We focus on quality and are both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Environmental Policy:

Elogic A/S wants to be thought of as an environmentally-conscious and responsible business partner.

In order to achieve this goal, we will contribute to sustainable development by reducing the amount of waste as well as energy consumption.

Elogic will continually take precautionary measures against pollution and improve the environmental conditions throughout the company.


  • We will design and sell products with long lifetimes, thereby keeping our consumption of resources low
  • We will observe environmental laws, environmental decrees and environmental regulations
  • We will focus on the consumption of resources and environmental impact during our day-to-day operations
  • We will motivate our suppliers to live up to our level

Qulity Policy:

Elogic will deliver distribution solutions to professional customers within electricity and signal distribution. Elogic will deliver panel solutions for distribution and control.

It is the goal of Elogic that customers, users and communities consider our products, service and delivery as being market leading.

To achieve this, Elogic will manufacture products that are safe to work with, easy to install, and are seen as simple and intuitive to operate. 
Elogic will ensure the products and have long service life that meets the customers expectations.

Elogic will continuously improve products and deliverability so that they are constantly seen as market leaders.

Elogic is owned by VIA equity